A poem I wrote on Facebook last night.

Paul Paul Paul
What can I say?
A members club is
Much more fitting for your birthday!

If you don’t know Paul
Does it really matter?
This is Facebook,
He’s like a mad hatter.

We moved the party from there to here
And you probably don’t care,
Likely not even aware,
So there! There! There!

This is weird and who is this guy,
Going to give him a black eye
Or kick his butt,
I will read on because I like this stuff.

Bordeaux, Tequila or Cointreau,
If this Friday night you find the unmarked white door
Meet us or a wacko and lets all discuss quid pro quo,
Or Van Gogh and your big toe with someone from Skid Row – Only you will know.

And with this poem I strive,
To make clear and portray
That most of all I am not Gay
But that it’s all about Content today!

Is it?


Friday night March 2nd

Paul Guevara’s Birthday

Imagine Caligula at a Bordello on Broadway
Or look in the mirror.

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Author: Michael Gogel

Parisian. Former #nynightlife club & bar director | PR, Media Relations & Digital Growth Marketing guy into SpaceTech & FinTech #bitcoin #blockchain

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