Mike’s quick tip: Export your Facebook Contacts to a spreadsheet #loophole

Here is quick trick if you want to export your Facebook contacts to Excel/CSV/VCF format.
There is currently no way to do this directly through Facebook – Call it a loophold, or a quick fix tunneling through Yahoo!

Follow these steps and next thing you know you’ll have a nice spreadsheet with ALL your contacts.

A) Create or Login to your Yahoo Account.
B) Login to your Facebook Account
C) Go to the following URL: “http://address.yahoo.com/?VPC=contact_import_landing” D) Agree to SYNC permissions
E) Export from Facebook to Yahoo.
F) Export from Yahoo to Excel/CSV/VCF.


Your welcome!

Author: Michael Gogel

Parisian. Former #nynightlife club & bar director | PR, Media Relations & Digital Growth Marketing guy into SpaceTech & FinTech #bitcoin #blockchain

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