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A poem I wrote on Facebook last night.

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Paul Paul Paul What can I say? A members club is Much more fitting for your birthday! If you don’t know Paul Does it really matter? This is Facebook, He’s like a mad hatter. We moved the party from there to here And you probably don’t care, Likely not even aware, So there! There! There! This is weird and who is this guy, Going to give him a black eye Or kick his butt, I will read on because I like this stuff. Bordeaux, Tequila or Cointreau, If this Friday night you find the unmarked white door Meet us or […]

So today is ‘Public Sleeping Day’ an opportunity to sleep in public. Come Or Go Sleep Somewhere Else!

So today is ‘Public Sleeping Day’ an opportunity to sleep in public. “You can sleep on a park bench. You can doze on a blanket on the beach. Some people may opt to sleep on the job. They do so at their own risk. Have you ever caught twenty winks on a bus or subway traveling to or from work? Sure, we all have.” [web exc.] You do that enough at the other clubs… Come. Don’t Sleep Or Go Sleep Somewhere Else! Sean Glass & DJ Kalkutta The Standard, New York 11pm – Tonight 2/28

I have the guts to say it at least. I LOOVEEEE COKE! I SAID IT OK. Take a look

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I LOVE COKE! I SAID IT!!!! No shame. Let me show you what I mean Coke is Coke right? There’s so much variety…take a look!     a small amount of coke             cheap coke                                coke on ice                                coke sold in bottles                    fake coke   coke and money                          coke and violence                        the coke face […]

Nightlife Disrupt: Social Media’s Impact at Social Media Week 2/16 2012 #SMW12 @socialmediaweek @redbull @soundctrl #nightlife

Please join us tomorrow for our first official Social Media Week panel: “Nightlife Disrupt: Social Media’s Impact”. We will be at the SoundCtrl Music Hub at The Dominion Theatre, 11:30AM on Lafayette st. If you can’t make it, we will also be live streaming & you can catch us on the @Redbull website too! Come by, it’s free, just rsvp. Press, vip etc, please email and PLEASE rsvp directly through the website as space is limited. Please share and RT thanks Michael – Nightlife Week